Review Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh: Penakluk Konstantinopel

Well suddenly I felt I wanna buy the book while waiting my Q at Tabung Haji (sooo long). I read an article about the Sultan somewhere in the net previously. So this book is a novel/history/biography but in novel structure by Abdul Latip Talib about Sultan Muhammad (1432-1481) who was able to topple down Rome empire and conquer the Constantinople even though other predecessors were unable to do so because Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w) said: Constantinople will fall to a the best king, the best soldier, and the best subject-Imam Ahmad’.

This book is a good read because we can get some view on how  nice Islamic Empire was but watch out on a few thing because of some element of tajalli? Salafi? and praying near ‘alim’s grave’?? I dunno, I’m not too sure about that but the rest were okay. A good read and Sultan Muhammad Al-Fattah was really a good king and subject.



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